How To Conquer Procrastination

Dated: 04/09/2019

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How to conquer procrastination

Struggling with procrastination? Resist the urge to force yourself to get to work. Instead, psychologist Neil Fiore recommends that you use your calendar to plan activities that bring you joy and help you recharge, according to BBC Capital. Such “unscheduling” gives us a sense of control over our lives and creates moments that we can look forward to. It also leaves plenty of blank spaces in our calendar that can be devoted to work. Fiore recommends you approach these tasks in small doses, like 15-minute increments.

If you beat up on yourself for putting off important tasks, think again! Procrastination isn't a time management issue, but an issue of how we manage our moods and tough emotions. There is a way out, but it doesn't involve productivity hacks or apps. In fact, it involves learning to be gentler with ourselves when it comes to difficult emotions. Check out the latest article in The New York Times to learn more about why we procrastinate, and how to beat the habit.

So is buying a home an emotional reaction to procrastination?

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