Jocelyn Benjamin

Jocelyn Benjamin

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About Jocelyn

Those stomach butterflies you feel from fear of buying or selling your home isn’t uncommon because it can be the most stressful experience of your life. Jocelyn aims to make your experience peaceful, putting trust, care, transparency, honesty and loyalty at the forefront of every step she takes to ensure you reach your goal and are comfortable with it.

Jocelyn is a native Washingtonian who has held a career in federal service for more than 13 years. During her career in federal service, she's also earned her Masters in Mass Media Communication and Psychology. And between her experiences in both her master’s program and current federal position, her efforts have been customer-focused and built on a foundation that compels her to advocate for customers by solving problems, communicating clear paths to help them reach their goals, being open-minded and flexible in their needs, and having negotiating abilities that helps customers arrive at a happy medium.

Her drive to help my clients spawned from the lack of support she's had in some of her past experiences. And as an agent, she strongly believes having someone support you, who thoroughly cares about your goals and the impact it will have on the rest of your life makes for a healthy and beneficial experience.

During her free time, she travels - mostly to warmer climates. The Caribbean is her soulmate because of the creation and cleverness put into their buildings hosted by their stunning landscapes, the amazing natural resources used for recreation, and the cultural medley of people the islands embrace. Jocelyn's travel exposure has given her socially sensitive cues. This helps her build a better connection with clients, boost her understanding of them, and better target their needs.

And in support of her clients, hard work is not foreign to Jocelyn, and she humbly accepts any challenge that may come her way. Contact her today!

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Address: 1221 Caraway Court, Suite #1040
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
Cell: 202-421-5396
Office: 301-364-9342
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